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Talk to Dayadevidoolin - Natural Healing and Reiki in Sint-Niklaas on-line. 30- years of experience in Reiki. Hello Dear Members $2.99 Reduced Offer **************************************************************************************************************** As a World famous Reiki Healer, I offer my services for Healing relationships, Cleansing Aura, maintaining Chakra balance, Healing Abundance in Business and work. After one session the improvement can be seen within three days and after aura cleansing and grounding you will feel and notice a Divine difference. There is no other healer like myself. I am unique and I am offering healing to anyone who needs it. Allow me to help you align with your Source, your God-Self and receive your inner direction for healing and empowering your life! Together we can reach into the sacred corners of your spirit, find health, meaning and guidance that assists you on your true life path and understand your part in creating healing for yourself. ***************************************************** Join me and find Healing in all aspects of your life! You should read my Profile first to see if I can assist you. Free chat is an opportunity for you to get to know me, the private chat room only starts when you hit the magic button. Don't expect answers to private questions in free chat, but do feel free to ask me about my abilities, experience and range of works I offer there. ******************************************************************************************* Available Services : • Healing Relationships. • Healing Career. • Healing Finances. • Psychological difficulties - dependency, depression, anger, hatred, confusion, isolation, resentment, alienation... • Dream Interpretations. • Health, Diet & Lifestyle. • Discovering your gifts. ******************************************************************************************* Free Chat Rules No questions about relationships No questions about marriage, pregnancies, children No questions regarding jobs, careers ******************************************************************************************* Email Readings Must have your country, age, name and location within that country. If you wish a healing at a specific time, you will need to send time zone for me USA time. ******************************************************************************************* About Me I am dedicated to all those on a journey of self-discovery. I offer energy-based treatments, courses and workshops, together with articles and inspiring gifts to support those seeking to reconnect with their true self, that which embraces and yet transcends the day to day personality. My husband Chris and are committed to facilitating the ongoing expansion of human consciousness through spiritual growth. I am passionate about my work and I bring together a unique blend of energy based treatments such as Reiki, Reconnective Therapy, Matrix Energetics, BodyTalk, Spiritual Counseling and Conscious Connected Breathing to bring about powerful changes in my clients. I have worked with a variety of health conditions such as fibromyalgia, depression, fatigue, vertigo, migraines, skin conditions and sinusitis. Some clients have had chronic illnesses like cancer, emphysema, and others have been suffering from serious mental and emotional trauma from different types of abuse. I have worked with PTSD patients and I offer a series of free healing sessions to them and to abused women once a month. Many clients come to me for the simple aches and pains of everyday life, to relieve stress and anxiety, to cope with bereavement, to receive guidance about a close relationship, or to just find a little quiet in a safe haven. Most often, people come to get more deeply in touch with their inner voice and be more focused on their life purpose. I am a warm, compassionate therapist and I bring a deep sense of Self and presence to my work. My compassionate ear and open heart help my clients to immediately feel at ease and help me to quickly understand the core issues that any person brings to the session. Reiki gives an invaluable added dimension to my experience and innate ability to help clients regain their sense of balance and harmony. Please read my client feedback and visit my holistic services page to find out more. ******************************************************************************************* Training and History of Work From early childhood, I have always been in touch with the Source of our Creation. In my teenage years I became aware that I had the power to heal others. I now use my energy skills to keep myself in balance and assist others in their own healing journeys. I love the purpose given me and I’m thankful I am following my passion. I absolutely love it. I am grateful to be able to apply this knowledge with others through the books and articles I write and through my clinic, The Doolin Healing Sanctuary and doing the work online to reach others worldwide. I receive tremendous joy in helping others find what they have been searching for in their lives and helping them expand into their perfection and entertain a better, healthier, wealthier and happier life. I launched my company, The Doolin Healing Sanctuary in 1989, in order to use my voice along with my personal trials and triumphs to help men and women make their health, spiritual and mental states a priority. Through books, articles, motivational speaking, a weekly call-in radio show, , The Only Way Out Is In Show, and I focus on opening the lines of communication and reminding clients that it is okay to ask questions of the Universe, demand answers, support each other and have fun along the way. My clinic founded by my husband Chris and I, is targeted to people of all ages and backgrounds with a focus on self-growth, spirituality, physical health and prevention, health & wellness, and all-around fitness. People describe me as a dynamic speaker, an engaging author, and gifted teacher. I have a following of students from all walks of life. I am committed to empowering my students to recognize their inner light and be more successful relating in the world. As I wrote earlier, I am the Co-founder and Director of The Doolin Healing Sanctuary, a leading expert in the field of vibrational energy work. I am an award-winning and best-selling author several books including The Only Way Out Is In: The Secrets of the 14 Realms to Love, Happiness and Success? I am known for making spiritual ideas understandable and useful in the lives of millions of people worldwide. ******************************************************************************************* What Members Said About Me ******************************************************************************************* The best of the best thank you so much for everything and God bless you. xxx tatianasmile, uk AWESOME!!!! winterwitche, Germany Wonderful healer. winterwitche, Germany Daya is wonderful as usual, you can feel her energy working and it helps a great deal. Would highly recommend. Thank you Daya xx lovnlight, London She is a great healer and very understanding. I just can use her healing once more. Brilliant jolie79, Germany I received Daya Devi- Doolin's healing. I have been suffering from sever withdrawal side-effects of a medication I could no longer afford. These side-effects are not to be underestimated. During our session ... I could feel the pain and pressure release, as if fingers one-by-one let go of my skull. This was unbelievable. While she was sending the energy to me I could feel tingling all over, and after the session, my headache was gone and I was very relaxed. I will be a repeat customer and highly recommend her service. moontango, ... Thank you...I needed the energy cleanse! :) parkernin, Maumee I had the opportunity for a Demo with Daya and I could feel her energy healing my body and mood.. I could feel a warm envelope surrounding me during the demo..It was real and I feel positive now. TrustGod, City HAD THE PLEASURE TO GET HEALING FROM THIS WONDERFUL LADY, SO GLAD I WAS ABLE TO SEE HER ON THIS SITE, GIVE HER 20 STARS FOR HER WORK AND KNOWLEDGE. MUCH LOVE TO YOU!! queenbee22, Bronx, NY Very good! So much positive energy I wish I had more minutes. apr123, Toronto, Canada She is a beautiful spirit, I felt her positive energy coming through me. This has been by far the best reading I have experienced. I thank-you and I will visit again soon~~~ May God bless you always~~~flora17, El Paso, Tx thank you so much, you have given me so much hope for the future. I will do as you have suggested - I will be back again. God bless you; thank you again claire1605, Cork, Ireland Absolutely amazing....Patience is the key and Faith is the door...I thank her as a sista and a friend and may peace be still with her in the name of Jesus Christ..may JEHOVAH JIRAH...bless her abundantly..AMEN!!! She is here to help not harm and as she walk through this valley..she has a testimony to tell. PROTOTYPEBEAUTY, ATLANTA Thank You :) Mui, Bangalore Great insight!! MayGirl, NYC I feel so relaxed now. Thank you, Daya! Peter, Colorado Very interesting and calming. kosmosss, Berlin

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