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Private chat with WhiteWave - Crystal Healing and Reiki in Sint-Niklaas online. 10-15 years of experience in Reiki. I am a intuitive healer and spiritual teacher teacher that has been working professionally using Theta Healing and Reiki for about 2 years in my own business. I have been psychic since birth and have trained at the College of Psychic Studies in London and also in Australia ( My training has spanned 12 years). I work with the Law of Attraction. I don't do future readings, I prefer to ask the client the future they would like and then do a psychic reading and healing to help them change the emotions and belief systems in their subconscious that is blocking them from having that future come true. My strength is that I am very empathic. I can feel the repressed emotional energy that people store within their bodies and energy field and I have the tool set to be able to help them let it all go and more forward. I can help shed light on relationship issues and let you know what your partner is feeling. I can help people with any area of their life I have helped people move on from abuse, financial issues, break ups, ect. I also clear entities attachments and remove curses when appropriate. I can also help you manifest your most compatible soul mate. I cannot diagnose or heal physical illness. I cannot offer financial advice or tell you if you should leave your partner. I also cannot guarantee you will get the future you desire as these things are not an exact science and sometimes there is more than one thing blocking the future you desire. AFTER A SESSION: Energy Healing detoxifies the body so please drink some more water in the following days. Please understand that sometimes it can take a little while to integrate a healing so you may not feel different right away, so please give yourself some time to let your energy change. After a healing people sometimes feel amazing, other times people can feel emotional. This is just because something that has been repressed in the subconscious is rising to the surface to be released. If you feel emotional please give yourself the space to feel it and let it go. If you feel like the healing has helped, please come back and let me know as I love hearing happy stories:)

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